Wednesday, August 22, 2007

8 Keys to Learning How to Eat Healthy Good Nutrition Properly - Part I

Knowing WHAT to eat is critical to . However, it's also important to learn HOW to eat properly because the way you eat affects your health. I would like to give you eight on proper eating habits.

Key #1 - Eat only when you are truly hungry. If you aren't hungry at mealtime, skip the meal. Too often people end up eating when they aren't even hungry purely out of habit instead of need.

Key #2 - Eat slowly and chew your food well. The enzymes in your saliva begin the digestion process; therefore, chew your food thoroughly. Never eat in a hurry. Far too many people suffer from poor digestion because they don't practice this common sense principle.

Key #3 - Relax when you eat and make it a truly enjoyable culinary experience. This is something we can learn from some of the more laid back southern Europeans who truly take the time to relax and enjoy social time around their meals. Also, never eat when you are upset because your emotional turmoil will lead to digestive turmoil as well.

Daily Quote: "Chew your solid foods until they are liquid; no stomach has teeth." - Paul C. Bragg