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Choosing a SuperJuice - Keys to Good Nutrition & Tips to Eating Healthy with Uri Feast


There are sooooooo many products and companies out there now selling healthy nutritional products, supplements, and . I'm sure you've heard of many of them such as Xango, Himalayan Goji, MonaVie, Noni-Juice, Juice Plus, Mango-Xan, Thai-Go, etc.

My friend, if you're trying to decide which product is best for you, I'd like to share with you some insight that could help you make the wisest decision.


The biggest nutritional problems I've found with most of these products and companies include the following 7 issues:

1. Most of them are selling a liquid "super juice" that has been pasteurized and treated with preservatives to keep the product from becoming moldy on the shelf. By law, the FDA requires all liquid "juice" products to be pasteurized, which means that the fruit and/or berry juice has been processed by heating it to high temperatures to kill all bacteria. The process of pasteurization not only kills all of the bad bacteria, but it also kills most of the good bacteria and good nutritional compounds found in the juice. The original raw fruit and/or berry (such as mangosteen, wolfberry-goji, noni fruit, acai berry, etc.)certainly has a lot of powerful nutritive compounds in it, including antioxidants, vitamins, phytonutrients, etc. However, after undergoing the intense heating involved in pasteurization, the value of those fruits and/or berries have been greatly diminished and destroyed.

Now, let me ask you a question. Do you really want to be drinking a liquid super juice product that has been pasteurized with high heat, that has lost most of its nutritional value, and that has added chemical preservatives? I DON't.

2. Most liquid "super juices" sell you their product in a flashy heavy glass bottle that makes it look very appealing, but is very expensive to ship. However, the down side of this is that if you become a distributor for that product, you will end up having to pay a considerable amount on shipping and handling fees because, as everyone knows, glass is very heavy and expensive to ship. Can you imagine ordering a whole case and the exhorbinant cost of shipping? Even if the company doesn't use glass bottles, and instead uses plastic bottles, every one knows that shipping a heavy liquid product is much more expensive than shipping a light powdered product. Question: Do you really want to be buying and shipping heavy liquid products all over the country? Someone's going to be paying for that expensive shipping - either you or your poor customers.

3. Most liquid "super juices" are centered around one dominant super fruit or super berry. For example, whole companies have been built around noni fruit, or goji juice, or mangosteen, or acai berry. Granted, each one of these are truly "super" fruits or berries, but one super fruit/berry can't possibly have all of the 1,000s of nutritive compounds that a person needs in their diet. Yes, it's a great fruit or berry, but it's not enough. It's just one good food element. What about the many others that we need? Some of these companies have realized this point, and they have recently added additional fruits and/or berries to their formulas for this very reason. Now, instead of having just one "super" fruit or berry, they added 3 or 5 or 9 more to give them a more balanced and rounded product. Good for them, but it's still not enough. Question: Would you prefer getting the nutritional health benefits of 15 or 30 fruits and berries, or benefit only from 5 or 9? How important to you is variety and diversity in your super juice?

4. Most liquid "super juices" offer their customers a daily serving size of only 2 fluid ounces. In other words, a bottle of their super juice is a month's supply, and the daily serving size is only 1 fluid ounce. In my opinion, that is a very very tiny serving size that can't possibly have very much nutritional value over the course of a whole day. Question: Wouldn't you prefer having a daily serving size of 6-8 fluid ounces of your super juice? Wouldn't you feel like you were getting more nutrition from 6-8 ounces versus 1 ounce?

5. Most liquid "super juices" have compromised on the quality of their ingredients. As you're doing your research on various products and companies, make sure that they use all natural live whole food ingredients that are certified organic and/or are free of synthetic pesticides, herbicides, and fertilizers. Also, make sure that they use NO PRESERVATIVES, NO FILLERS, NO EXCIPIENTS, NO ADDITIVES, NO DAIRY, NO GMO (genetically modified foods), NO PASTEURIZATION, and NO IRRADIATION. When it comes to your buying and consuming a super juice product, it's extremely important to make sure that you know what you're getting and where you're getting it from. You need to know what's in it and how it was processed. Ask lots of questions until you uncover the truth and the facts. Question: What's really in the product you're buying and drinking? Do you know all the ingredient and quality facts?

6. Some liquid "super juices" use processed sugars and/or artificial sweeteners that are unhealthy and cause all kinds of health problems. I was shocked to find that one very popular company puts high fructose corn syrup in their children's products. The only sweeteners that should be used in a super juice are raw honey, stevia, agave nectar, and naturally sweet fruit juices. Some of these companies actually put cheap "fillers" in their products in order to save money, resulting in the customer getting an inferior and less healthy product, so beware. Question: Are there artificial sweeteners and fillers in your super juice?

7. Most "super juices" only include fruits and/or berries, with very few if any vegetables and greens. Why is this? I don't know, but I can't see any reason for it. Question: Wouldn't you prefer getting fruits, berries, vegetables, and greens all mixed in your super juice for you and your children's nutritional health if it tasted good?

At this point, I'd like to share with you the facts about URI International's flagship "super juice" products, The Feast and Beyond Berries. These two products are and .

The FEAST- Live Whole Food Based InstaFresh Super Juice

The Feast is the one and only live whole food based InstaFresh juice on the planet that delivers a full, synergistic spectrum of:
30 antioxidant rich fruits and berries, 30 powerful greens and vegetables, 11 nutrient dense seeds, nuts, and sprouts; 83+ active enzymes and fulvic minerals, and 22 strains of resilient living probiotics.

It has more variety, quality, and quantity of ingredients than any other live whole food supplement with over 70 live fruit, berries, vegetables, and greens. It's 100% natural live whole food nutrition. It is super nutritious and tastes delicious. It has no artificial sweeteners, and is sweetened by a natural mixed berry flavor and stevia.

has been dried using a proprietary low-temperature drying process that never exceeds 99 degrees and turns the fresh live whole foods into a powder in less than 30 seconds. The InstaFresh juice powder is shelf stable without the use of preservatives or pasteurization, and the process does not harm the nutritive value of the whole food. In addition, since it is in a powder form, it is much cheaper to ship the product to customers.

It does NOT contain isolated or synthetic vitamins or minerals. It is NOT pasteurized. It is preservative free. It has no fillers, no excipients, no additives, no dairy, no GMO foods, and has not been irradiated.

All the ingredients are certified organic and/or free of sythetic pesticides, herbicides, and fertilizers. They are all 100% vegetarian and naturally alkaline.

The recommended serving size is 6 fluid ounces. Taking 2 scoops provides over 70 nutrient dense live whole foods and the nutritiional equivalent of 8 servings of fresh live whole foods, as well as 1000's of naturally occurring nutritional compounds from live whole foods. Each serving contains naturally occurring vitamins, minerals, antioxidant compounds, amino acids, enzymes, essential fatty acids, fiber, and phytonutrients. The typical ORAC Value (Antioxidant Value) per 2 scoops is 3,980 and per 300 gram jar is 59,700.

BEYOND BERRIES - Live Whole Food Super Juice

Each serving of Beyond Berries contains juice and whole food concentrates from:

15 antioxidant rich fruits and berries: noni fruit, mangosteen, wolfberry-goji, acai berry, black currant, blueberry, pomegranate, cranberry, blackberry, bilberry, raspberry, whole purple grape, elderberry, and strawberry in a base of apple and purple grape.

83+ active enzymes and fulvic mineral blend

22 resilient living probiotics

One jar of Beyond Berries makes approximately 180 fluid ounces of live whole food based InstaFresh juice. The daily serving size is 6 fluid ounces. The typical ORAC Value (Antioxidant Value) per scoop is 4,140 and per 300 gram jar is 124,200.

The Beyond Berries juice is made by the same low-heat proprietary process as the Feast, with equally high quality ingredients, and without preservatives, fillers, pasteurization, irradiation, dairy, excipients, additives, or GMO.

I hope this information will help you compare URI International's flagship products, , and , with the many other products and companies out there.

If you would like more information on The Feast and Beyond Berries, please click on this link:

CLICK HERE: Product and Ordering Information on The FEAST and Beyond BERRIES

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Josiah Friberg
Health and Nutrition Educator