Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Healthy Weight Loss Pt 3 - Keys to Good Nutrition and to Eating Healthy Feast on Organic Whole Food


Today let's continue this series on healthy .

I'll be sharing practical things you can do to and to maintain a healthy weight for your height and body shape.

By way of review,
here are the other two keys that we've covered so far.

Key #1 - Stop overeating and practice systematic undereating.

Key #2 - Eat for nutrition, for energy, for life.

Listen, seek, research, learn, study, and understand that there are keys of knowledge that will help you unlock the secrets to a long, healthy life and successful weight loss and weight management. These to and tips to will open a whole new world of health, life, and vitality to you. I believe you were created by God and destined to a life of and prosperity. Here's the next key to add to your lifestyle.


Eat foods that are grown organically, not with chemical pesticides and herbicides. Eat live whole foods, not processed foods. Eat natural foods, not artificial foods and additives. Eat foods that are grown naturally, without hormones and antibiotics. Eat raw foods. Try to eat at least 75% of your foods raw in their natural whole food state. Eat a lot of vegetables and greens, of course. Also eat plenty of fruits and berries. Eat non-GM (genetically modified) foods; avoid all genetically modified and genetically engineered foods. Eat whole food grains, legumes, beans, seeds, and nuts. Eat only organically grown and grass fed natural chicken, turkey, lamb, bison, and beef. Eat only wild ocean fish with fins and scales, and avoid all farm raised fish and seafood scavengers. Eat only full spectrum Himalayan crystal salt, avoiding all table salt (sodium chloride). Eat traditionally fermented lactic acid foods like sauerkraut, sour pickles, miso, raw yogurt, raw kefir, apple cider vinegar, etc.

One of the biggest reasons that people become overweight is they are eating the wrong kinds of food. Therefore, one of the first steps to correct the situation is to stop eating the wrong kinds of food and to start eating the right kind of nutritious foods that the body needs to function properly.

And always remember, the secret to losing weight and keeping it off, is to make nutritious and healthy LIFESTYLE CHANGES that become positive healthy habits in your daily routine. Systematic undereating and resisting the temptation to overeat is the first step to change.

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