Thursday, March 13, 2008

Weight Loss Pt 1 - Keys to Good Nutrition & Tips to Eating Healthy Feast on Organic Whole Food


Today I'd like to start a whole series on healthy .

I will be sharing practical things you can do
to and to maintain a healthy weight.

The information I'll be sharing comes from years of my own personal research, as well as from my own experience.

Several years ago I was about 25 pounds overweight, and I came home from the doctor with a bad report. I went in for a simple physical exam, and came out realizing that I had high cholesterol and triglycerides, and that I was 25 pounds overweight. The photo here is after I had lost 23 pounds and no longer fit in my pants. That's actually a big heavy bag of sugar tucked into my pants to show you just how much extra room I had created in my pants by losing so much weight. I must have dropped from about waist size of 36 down to around a 32. I literally had to buy some new pants to wear. It was a great experience!

After hearing the doctor's report, and after getting rejected by a health insurance company for medical insurance, I realized that I needed to make serious changes to my lifestyle. There were three things that I needed to change.

First, I had to start eating right, again. I had eaten right for years, but then got into some bad habits and ended up eating all kinds of unhealthy things.

Second, I had to start exercising, again. I had stopped after we had two babies.

Third, I had to put together a plan to lose 25 pounds.

In this series, I will be sharing how I completely changed my diet, added exercise to my daily life, lost those 25 pounds, and reclaimed my inheritance of good health.


This is one of the most important things you can do to begin to lose weight and take charge of your health. A myriad of illness plague Americans because we are so prone to overeat. We are raised in a culture that says, "Big is better," and this translates into eating bigger and bigger portions. Just look at the size of soft drinks or burgers at your local fast food joint. It's absurd!

If you will start to systematically undereat and resist the temptation to overeat, you will automatically start eating less and start losing some weight. This simple step will help you take back control of your eating habits and your health. Who is in control - you or your stomach? It's really all up to you. It's your choice and decision. No one is there forcing you to eat more and more food at every meal and between meals. It's time to take responsibility for your health and to start undereating. I promise you - you'll feel a whole lot better after each meal if you undereat rather than overeat. This is the first step to better health and nutrition and to losing weight and keeping it off.

And always remember, the secret to losing weight and keeping it off, is to make nutritious and healthy LIFESTYLE CHANGES that become positive healthy habits in your daily routine. Systematic undereating and resisting the temptation to overeat is the first step to change.

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