Thursday, July 17, 2008

Ultimate Nutrition - Keys to Good Nutrition & Eating Healthy Feast on Organic Whole Food


This article was written by David Uri LeBaron,
pioneer and innovator of live, whole food-based nutrition,
expert with over 30 years of experience in whole foods, herbs, and nutrition,
developer of the proprietary Insta-Fresh Drying Process that preserves higher nutritional qualities than any other drying process in the world,
and founder and CEO of Uri International, a leading company in the development of whole food-based nutrition.

"Today I'd like to share with you another reason why The Feast gives you REAL nutrition as only whole food-based nutrition can. It's your most convenient source of REAL whole food-based nutrition that's

An unparalleled quality, quantity, variety, and value
of live whole foods and fresh raw juice concentrates.

The Feast gives you a quality, quantity, variety, and value of REAL whole food-based nutrition found nowhere else.

It's the one and only live whole food-based nutritional product on the planet that delivers a full, synergistic spectrum of over 176 all natural ingredients, including:

30 antioxidant rich fruits and berries

30 powerful greens and vegetables

11 nutrient dense seeds, nuts, and sprouts

83 plus active enzymes and full spectrum fulvic mineral blend

22 resilient living, beneficial probiotics

All in ONE concentrated whole food-based supplement for today's active and demanding lifestyles. Feed your body the feast it deserves!

But there's even more.

This unique breakthrough gives you more REAL whole food-based nutrition than any other supplement, formula, or green food or drink I've ever seen because...

It locks in the nutritional INTEGRITY of these fruits, vegetables and whole foods, so you get the nutritional benefits as Nature intended!

As soon as a fruit or vegetable is picked off the vine, it begins to die. So if you eat an apple or a tomato that's been picked days or weeks ago, you don't get all of its nutritional benefits. You may only get a fraction.

But not so with the fruits, vegetables, and whole foods found in the Feast. Many are locally grown, on our own certified organic farmland or on our network of partner farms that produce organic and/or natural crops, so we can control the freshness of the harvest.

This farmland is some of the most nutrient rich soil on earth! This fertile land began as a prehistoric lakebed, layered with deep soil, created and kept rich by volcanic ash, mountain run off, and organic matter.

It's absolutely laden with selenium, friendly and beneficial organisms, fulvic acid, rare earth and vital plant micronutrients necessary for optimal plant growth.

Combine this with clean air, sunshine, elevation, low humidity, proper crop rotation, and continued re-mineralization from surrounding snow capped mountains, and you get SUPERIOR, NUTRIENT DENSE, ORGANIC CROPS!

What's more, I even have samples of the fruits and vegetables delivered to me so I can check if they're ready for harvest. If they are not ready for harvest, we wait. If so, we pick...then quickly wash them, turn them into juice, and use the InstaFresh Drying Process to "lock in" the nutritional value and integrity of these fruits and vegetables.

The result?
A synergistic, all natural, nutritionally balanced combination of Nature's most beneficial whole food concentrates, minerals, enzymes, and probiotics.
All in a delicious, easy-to-use drink!"

This article was written by David Uri LeBaron and first appeared in print in the REAL Nutrition News Special 2008 Issue.


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