Sunday, September 2, 2007

Summary of 20 Things to NEVER Eat Which are Keys to Eating Healthy & Good Nutrition

Today I am going to summarize the past five postings to give you a concise list of . Eliminating these 20 health-destroyers from your diet and kitchen are a few of the and . If you are serious about protecting and improving your through making wise , then please take to heart this list of 20 specific "foods," food ingredients, and food additives to avoid at all costs.

: BANISH THESE 20 FOODS AND ALL FOOD PRODUCTS MADE WITH THEM FOREVER FROM YOUR DIET AND FROM YOUR CHILDREN'S DIET. They are extremely unhealthy, they will destroy your health and cause you multiple physical problems, they will make you crave more bad food, they will make you fatter, and they will have a cumulative effect on your health in a very very negative way. I have already explained in earlier postings the reason for avoiding these products, so I won't repeat myself. Eliminate these twenty health-destroyers from your :

1. Never eat pork meat or pork products. This includes bacon, sausage, ham, pepperoni, salami, hot dogs, pork chops, pork ribs, etc. This also includes many different kinds of deli luncheon meats that contain pork products.

2. Avoid all shellfish scavenger crustaceans such as crabs, lobsters, clams, oysters, scallops, shrimp, etc. They are the garbage collectors of the ocean.

3. Avoid all fish that do not have fins and scales such as catfish, eel, etc. Also, avoid all "farm-raised" fish.

4. Avoid all birds or fowl that are flesh-eating scavengers and unclean.

5. Avoid any "food" that wasn't a food 100 years ago.

6. Avoid all refined, bleached, denatured products that contain white processed sugar, white processed flour, "enriched" wheat flour, white processed rice, and white processed salt (sodium chloride). This includes such products as white breads, rolls, buns, pastries, cookies, cakes, pastas, pizza dough, etc.

7. Never eat or drink products made with white artificial sweeteners such as aspartame, Nutra-sweet, Equal, Sucrulose, Splenda, and Saacharin. These are extremely damaging to your body and your health. They are toxins to avoid at all costs.

8. Eliminate all deep-fried foods from your diet which include things like French fries, fried shrimp, donuts, onion rings, etc. These are carcinogenic products.

9. Avoid pasteurized and homogenized milk and dairy products made with this milk, which include such foods as half and half, whole cream, ice cream, sour cream, butter, cheese, etc. Remember, there are healthy alternatives such as RAW milk and raw milk products like raw cheese, raw butter, etc.

10. Never ever eat food products that contain MSG (monosodium glutamate). This excitotoxin is hidden in many food products at restaurants, fast food restaurants, and at supermarkets. It is deceptively labeled in products like potato chips, canned soup, soup stock, teriyaki sauce, soy sauce, junk foods, meats, condiments, snacks, corn chips, etc.

11. Eliminate all products containing hydrogenated oil (trans fat), partially hydrogenated oils, margarine, margarine-like products, shortening, Crisco, cottonseed oil, and palm oil.

12. Avoid all fast food which is extremely unhealthy and is loaded with sodium, sugar, bleached & denatured flour, hydrogenated trans fats, toxic colors and flavors like MSG, dangerous chemical preservatives, hormones, antibiotic drugs, and chemicals. Do not let your kids eat this toxic garbage either.

13. Never eat food that has been microwaved.

14. Don't ever drink "tap water" which is loaded with very unhealthy chemicals such as chlorine and fluoride.

15. Avoid tofu. It is not a healthy food; it is disguised junk food.

16. Do NOT eat anything packaged and labeled as "fat free" or "sugar free" or "low carbs" or "net carbs" or "diet..." These products are very unhealthy for you, they will increase your food cravings, and they will actually make you fatter.

17. Avoid the fake fats called "Olestra" and "Olean."

18. Eliminate all soda, diet soda, and canned and bottled juices from your diet. The ingredients in these drinks will destroy your health. Avoid them completely.

19. Avoid all products made with high-fructose corn sweetener, fructose, corn syrup, sucrose, multidextrin, corn syrup solids, dextrose, white sugar, etc. These unhealthy additives are in almost all of the foods at the supermarket and at fast food restaurants.

20. Eliminate all toothpaste with fluoride in it. Fluoride is a toxic poison, and it doesn't ever belong in your toothpaste or water.

There you have it...the simple, unadulterated truth about what "foods" never to eat or drink. I strongly encourage you to avoid these things, banish them from your kitchen, eliminate them from your diet, and be on your guard against them. They will also cause you all kinds of problems. Our country is facing a because of what has happened to our food supply. Americans are eating themselves to death. The "foods" that Americans are eating are destroying our health and causing a wide spectrum of ill health conditions. The only way for us to turn this around is by changing the way that we eat. We must start NOW to make wise food choices, , that will affect and improve our health and the health of our children. Please join me in this battle to help America start . Call your friends or email them and tell them about this website blog and the valuable information that can turn their lives around. Thank you. Sincerely, .

Daily Quote: "Remember, you are punished by your bad habits of living." - Paul Bragg