Monday, January 7, 2008

Juice Fasting Pt 8 - Keys to Good Nutrition with Uri Feast & Tips to Eating Healthy


In all biological clinics in Europe, vegetable broth is a standard beverage during juice fasting. All fasting patients drink a large glass of healthy vegetable broth every morning and every evening before going to sleep.

What's so great about vegetable broth?

Vegetable broth is an alkalizing and cleansing beverage that supplies a lot of minerals and vitamins, which are so important establishing and normalizing a proper chemical balance in the tissues during juice fasting. Vegetable broth is especially rich in the mineral potassium, which is of very useful and effective in the treating of various illness such as arthritis.


2 large potatoes, unpeeled, chopped, or sliced to one half inch pieces
1 cup beets, sliced or shredded
1 cup carrots, sliced or shredded
1 cup celery, with leaves, chopped to one half inch pieces
Optional: 1 cup any other available vegetables (turnips, turnip tops, beet tops, parsley, cabbage, or a little bit of everything on hand and in season)

Cook vegetables in an earthenware, enameled, or stainless steel pot.

Fill up the pot with ONE AND A HALF QUARTS OF WATER and slice the vegetables straight into the water to prevent them from oxidizing.

Cover and cook the vegetables slowly for at least half an hour.

Then let them stand for another half hour, strain out the vegetables, cool until warm, and then serve.

If you don't use the immediately, store in refrigerator. Remember to warm it up before serving it again.

In addition to drinking fresh fruit juices during your juice fast, be sure to make a batch of fresh homemade vegetable broth to provide your body with the minerals and vitamins you need while fasting and that will help alkalanize your system and bring your body chemistry into balance.

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