Sunday, September 30, 2007

Terminator Seed Threatens World's Food Supply and Your Health - Keys to Good Nutrition and to Eating Healthy

Johnny Appleseed Vs. The Terminator Seed

"Until recently the magic of the garden, the joy of growing plants and food, was as simple as collecting Mother Nature's seeds and caring for them season after season. Since I was 5 years old I have taken great joy in collecting veggie and flower seeds and giving them away, spreading the beauty of the plants they contained throughout the world. My dad filled me with wonder at the stories of Johnny Appleseed's accomplishments, and I strive to follow his admirable path. Sweetpeas and tomatoes are my favorite. My dad and I gave away thousands of seeds and they are all over the world."

"Now simple human pleasures as this are in jeopardy. Monsanto and other large seed companies, now claim their seeds as 'intellectual property.' In this way, seed companies prohibit farmers by force from saving and reusing seeds from one crop to the next. Even more disturbingly, major seed companies have made great strides in genetically engineering Terminator sterile seeds that sprout plants incapable of reproducing!"

"If dad and I didn't collect and spread these veggie and flower seeds around the world, there would be no seed legacy to give us joy! But Terminator seeds would only be rotting pellets in the ground. Save the world's seeds - for you and your children! Please protest to stop this: call, fax, or email the President, and your Governor, Senators, and state officials. Visit these websites:"

Quoted directly from: "Bragg Healthy Lifestyle - Vital Living to 120!" by Paul Bragg and Patricia Bragg (page 42)


Comments on the above article by the Naked Nutrition Knight

I strongly encourage you to learn about what's happening to our food supply and do something about it to protect your life and health and that of your posterity. What Monsanto and other big agro-chemical companies are doing to genetically modify our seeds is immoral and unethical, and it is destroying the very foundation of the food supply - seeds. Becoming educated about what's really happening to our food supply and our seeds is one more of the to and to .

For six thousand years, farmers all over the world have planted , watered them, and harvested crops from them to feed their families and to sell in the marketplace. Most importantly, the farmers have always kept some of the seeds for replanting for the next year's crops. Their future harvests have always depended upon the God-created seeds that had the built-in ability to reproduce themselves year after year. Now, man has gotten involved through genetic modification and has produced a seed that does not reproduce itself. In other words, farmers who use these seeds will have to buy new seeds year after year from the agro-chemical companies just to survive and have another crop. Companies like have introduced the which is nothing more than a suicidal seed. This means that after the seed produces a harvest it commits suicide or self destructs. This kind of meddling with God's seeds is already having devastating consequences upon farmers around the world.

I strongly urge you to watch the documentary entitled, "." You can find it on YouTube or at and you can watch it right on your computer. You deserve to know what's really happening with our food supply before it's too late to do anything about it. Genetically modified products are already in approximately 70% of the food products at your local supermarket. In addition, over 30% of the farmland in America is already growing genetically modified crops, and America is exporting these foods all over the world. One of the worst things about GM seeds and crops is that they spread to neighboring non-GM fields and end up contaminating non-GM crops and fields. This is done by wind blowing the seeds from one farm to a neighboring farm, and it is also being done be careless transportation of GM seeds and crops.

When this happens, the agro-chemical company that patented the genetically modified seed comes in and sues the farmer for stealing their seed, makes them pay a large penalty, and then forces them to destroy all of their own stores of seeds for future planting. One by one, small farmers are having their crops contaminated, are being sued, are having all of their future seeds destroyed forever, and they are being put out of business by the Terminator seed and its creators, Monsanto. It's time for Americans to speak up and say "No more of this insanity!" It's time to stop the immoral and unethical practice of patenting genetically modified seeds, including the Terminator seed. We need to return to the ways of Johnny Appleseed and blessing the rest of the world with healthy reproducing seeds.