Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Replacing Bad Foods with Healthy Alternatives is Key to Eating Healthy & Good Nutrition

I have a sense that some of you were overwhelmed by my list of . That list is not simply my opinion, but rather it is backed up by lots of research and scientific evidence. If you don't believe me, then I encourage you to do your own research on each one of the 20 things to avoid. I promise that you'll find ample evidence to support the fact that these 20 "foods" are very unhealthy and damaging to your health.

So, where do we go from here? Begin by replacing each of the "bad food" items with a healthy natural alternative. You may not know of any good alternatives, which is the purpose of today's posting. I want to share with you alternatives for you to replace the processed foods with natural unprocessed foods. Following these recommendations is one of the . Are you ready? Here we go...

MEATS - Replace the unhealthy meats (pork, deli luncheon meats, shellfish, fish without fins & scales, and farm-raised fish) with healthy meats including: wild deep-water ocean fish that have scales and fins, organic natural-fed kosher lamb, beef, turkey, and chicken, in moderation. Look for good sources of these healthy meats in your area.

SWEETENERS - Replace unhealthy artificial sweeteners (aspartame, Nutrasweet, sucrulose, Splenda, Saacharin, white sugar, high-fructose corn syrup) with these healthy alternatives: stevia, raw organic unheated unfiltered honey, raw agave nectar, or organic raw-evaporated sugar cane juice from the health food store.

SALT - Replace refined & processed table salt (sodium chloride) with a full-spectrum natural unprocessed hand-mined salt such as: Himalayan Krystal salt. It has 74 essential minerals and trace elements that harmonize with your bones and enzymes. On the other hand, table salt contains only 2 things: sodium and chloride. I strongly encourage you to go on-line and research this for yourself. You can find quite a few good companies on the internet that are selling Himalayan crystal salt, sometimes called pink salt. It is much healthier than even sea salt, which today is subject to increasing environmental pollution. My family and I love our Himalayan Krystal salt because it not only tastes great, but it also is continually replacing minerals and trace elements that our bodies use and need every day to function properly.

OILS - Replace the highly processed and man-made oils and fats (hydrogenated oils, trans fat, Canola oil, margarine, shortening, Crisco, cottonseed oil, palm oil, Olestra, Olean) with these very healthy alternative oils: extra virgin olive oil, extra virgin coconut oil, sesame oil, sunflower oil, avocado oil, and raw butter. These natural nutritious oils and fats are healthy in moderation and will provide your body with the good kinds of oil it needs.

DAIRY PRODUCTS - Replace all milk and dairy products made from pasteurized and homogenized milk with these healthy alternatives: unpasteurized & unhomogenized RAW milk and dairy products made with raw milk such as raw cheese, raw butter, raw yogurt, raw kefir, raw cream, etc. Do a little research and find a place where you can buy these raw milk products.

REFINED & PROCESSED FLOURS, GRAINS, AND RICE - Replace all bleached white refined flours, bleached white grains and rice, with the following: unprocessed organic whole wheat grains, unrefined organic 100% whole wheat flour, organic 100% whole buckwheat flour, organic whole corn flour and corn meal, and organic unprocessed brown rice.

FAST FOOD & JUNK FOOD - Replace fast food and deep-fried foods with healthier alternatives including: home cooked meals, home made sandwiches, salads, etc. And replace all junk food and food labeled as "fat free" or "sugar free" or "low carb" or "diet," all of which are loaded with artificial sweeteners, fats, MSG, and other bad preservatives with the following healthy choices: fresh fruits, fresh berries, fresh greens and vegetables, raw carrots, raw nuts, raw seeds, organic non-GMO popcorn, celery and raw peanut butter, etc.

SODAS, DIET SODAS, CANNED JUICES AND BOTTLED JUICES, & TAP WATER - Replace these very unhealthy drinks with the following healthy alternatives: natural spring water, Artesian well water, fresh organic fruit and vegetable juices that you make yourself with a juicer, and home-made herb tea and iced-tea.

MICROWAVED FOOD - Replace all microwaved food with food that you heat up the old-fashioned way on the stove, in the toaster oven, or in a convection oven.

FLUORIDE TOOTHPASTE - Replace this toxic chemical found in your toothpaste (and tap water) with toothpastes that are made with healthy all-natural ingredients and do not contain any fluoride. You can find a whole assortment of fluoride-free toothpastes at your local health food store.

In SUMMARY, there are a lot of very healthy and out there for you to choose from during the painful process of eliminating the bad "foods" from your diet. The good news is that after a while, you will no longer miss those unhealthy "foods," and you will begin to actually crave live that are super healthy for your body. Remember, it's a process. Don't try to eliminate everything overnight. Start with eliminating 1 or 2 things at a time and replacing them with healthy nutritious alternatives. Over the course of a few months, you will be able to eliminate over 90% of the bad "foods" and replace them with truly good foods that will make you feel much better and help your body function at its peak performance. By the way, feel free to post any questions you might have, and I will try to answer them in future postings.

Daily Quote: "Eat to live, and not live to eat. Many dishes, many ailments." - Ben Franklin