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"We are one of the sickest nations in the world. Despite all the vast sums of money that are spent on health care each year, we are still one of the sickest countries in the world. In 1900 we were the healthiest country of all the nations. We were in first place. At last count in 1998 we had dropped down to the 79th healthiest country. The main reason for this tremendous decline in the country's health is because of two main factors: number one the increased use of junk food and sugar, and number two, the increased number of clogged constipated colons. These two factors alone have destroyed the health of this once great nation. The quality of food and the health of the colon can either make or break a country. In our case it has just about broken it." - Dr. Irons

I recently received an email from Dr. Ted Broer that I would like to share parts of with you. It is all focused on the and its relationship to health. Here are personally selected portions of an interview between Dr. Broer's "Healthview" and .

HEALTHVIEW: Mr. Irons, we have talked with you at length before on the colon and its relation to ill health. Is a toxic colon really as big a factor in premature aging as you say it is?

IRONS: Absolutely. As far as I am concerned, a diseased, toxic colon is one of the greatest causes of premature aging that ever existed. Old age begins right in the colon. The more diseased and toxic a person's colon is, the more quickly he will age. A toxic colon can rob a person of his youth, deplete his energy supply, and advance him rapidly on the road to old age. In my opinion, there is only one MAIN disease in this country, and that is a toxic colon. It is directly responsible for more health problems than any other single cause. What makes me so upset today is that most people never even consider the colon as the source of their health problems. Whether a person has a cold, a headache, a fever, or whether he is suffering from a serious health problem such as arthritis, diabetes or even cancer-it just doesn't matter-THE COLON IS NEVER CONSIDERED, it is never mentioned, IT IS AS IF THE COLON DIDN'T EVEN EXIST! Yet, ironically, there is not one health condition in the world that is not adversely affected by a toxic colon. Every single health problem that ever existed, can either directly or indirectly be caused by a diseased and toxic colon.
About the only place you see a normal healthy colon today is in an anatomy book.

HEALTHVIEW: How many people would you say have an unhealthy colon?
IRONS: Virtually everyone! Just a few years ago the U.S. Public Health Service said that 90% of the people had a clogged colon. I would disagree with that statement. I feel that 99% of the people have a clogged colon. Almost everyone today has a clogged, constipated colon. Most people's colons, instead of being fast moving sewer systems, have become stagnant cesspools.You can have two or three movements a day, and still have a terribly clogged colon.


Exhaustion: Fatigue and exhaustion are the main symptoms of a toxic colon. Toxins from the colon will travel to the energy glands of the body (the thyroid and the adrenal glands) and slow them down immensely. As soon as this happens, you will gradually start to lose the pep and vitality you had in your youth. The sooner you clean out your colon, the sooner you will regain your youthful energy.

Facial Wrinkles: Facial lines and wrinkles start right in the colon. Toxins from the colon will age the tissues of the skin and cause it to sag and wrinkle. The best way to keep your skin smooth and wrinkle-free is to start cleaning out your colon.

Poor Sex Life: A toxic colon is one of the greatest causes of a poor sex life. How could anyone fully enjoy sex when he has up to fifteen years of encrusted fecal matter and mucus in his colon? HE CAN'T-and HE DOESN'T. I have gotten so many letters from people who regained the sexual potency of their youth after they went on my colon cleansing program. One woman wrote to me and told me that her husband wasn't going to divorce her now because their sex life had improved so much. Cleaning out her colon saved her marriage. It happens all the time. So if you want to remain sexually potent for your entire life, start cleaning your colon today. And if I can at my age, I know you can at your age, go get with it!

Infertility: One couple I know was not able to have a child in their fourteen years of married life. After both the husband and wife cleaned out their colons (it took them about a year), they were then able to give birth to their first child. They eventually had a second child. I was able to father a son at the age of 81 and the main reason I could do so was because my colon was clean.

1. Tremendous energy 2. Smooth, wrinkle free skin,

3. Great, energetic sex 4. Fertility into your eighties

IRONS: Most people are aging because they are walking cesspools. They are literally rotting and decaying from the inside out.

HEALTHVIEW: How exactly does a diseased colon cause premature aging?
IRONS: It's the poisons. That's what the problem is. Poisons from a toxic colon will travel to every part of the body such as the heart, the brain, the kidneys, and the liver and age these organs prematurely. There is no part of a person's body which cannot be affected by a toxic colon. The poisons from a backed up colon will eventually seep into every single cell in the body and cause grave health problems. What would happen if you didn't empty your kitchen garbage can for months and you kept on throwing more and more food on top of it? Wouldn't your entire house start smelling like a garbage dump? Well, the same thing happens with a constipated, clogged up colon. The stench and fumes will permeate the entire body-including your skin, your teeth, your eyes, and even your nerves. NO PART OF YOUR BODY IS IMMUNE FROM THE POISONS OF A TOXIC COLON. It is the toxic filth in our systems, which kills us. That is why people age so rapidly today-their own internal filth is killing them. Most people are aging because they are walking cesspools. They are actually rotting and decaying from the inside out.

HEALTHVIEW: Does the medical profession acknowledge that a toxic colon can cause any health problems?
IRONS: I doubt it. The medical profession knows very little about the colon. Most of them are ignorant on the subject-totally ignorant. In my opinion, most medical doctors should have their licenses taken away until they start to treat the real cause of people's problems-a diseased colon. Most of the drugs, medicines, and operations given today have never made any person's colon one bit healthier. If anything, they have only made the situation hundreds of times worse.

HEALTHVIEW: What exactly do you recommend that people do to clean out the colon?
IRONS: I have a simple two-step program. The first part is to take my intestinal cleaner twice a day. The second part is to use my colema board to do-it-yourself home colonics. If your readers follow this simple two-part program, they will be able to clean a good part of the stagnant filth out of their colons in just 4-6 weeks. After that, they will feel at least a hundred times better than they feel right now. And best of all, they will begin to enjoy the energy they had ten to fifteen years ago or more. The intestinal cleaner helps to loosen the hardened, impacted fecal matter and mucus.

HEALTHVIEW: Do you have any last words of encouraging advice for our readers on staying young and healthy and avoiding future diseases?
IRONS: Yes, I do. Remember, as I said before, old age and disease starts right in the colon. If your readers want to have the health and energy of a youth again, they can easily do so by cleaning out their colons-and keeping them clean. If you are in old age, you can now regain the health and energy of a middle-aged person. If you are middle-aged, you can now regain the health and energy of a person in his twenties. And if you are in your twenties, you can now regain the health and energy you once had in your teens. The secret to a healthy life is a healthy colon. I am 87 years old now, and as a result of keeping my colon clean, I have more energy and pep than most people who are only fifty. I am up at 7:00 am every day and I put in a full day's work---seven days a week. I hope all of your readers are able to live to be at least as old as I am now---and hopefully a lot longer than that.

How to live a long healthy life - By V.E. Irons
1. Don't eat refined sugar or sweets - Refined sugar is one of the greatest "life shorteners" there is. This means don't eat any sweets, pastries, donuts, ice cream, or soda pop.
2. Don't eat Junk Food - My simple rule is this: the less junk food you eat, the longer you will live. It is the best advice I can give you to avoid old age.
3. Vegetable Salad-Try to eat a large vegetable salad once a day. It's great to keep your colon clean.
4. Meat and Milk-Try not to eat meat and milk products during the same meal. These foods digest better when they are eaten alone.
5. Fresh Fruit-Try to eat at least two pieces of fresh fruit every day.
6. Water-Drink your fluids at least half an hour before your meals or at least three hours after your meals. Try to drink at least a quart of good water every day. This will help to keep your colon clean.
7. Raw Foods-Eat as much raw food as you can. The more cooked foods you eat, the quicker you will age.

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