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Juice Fasting Pt 1 - Keys to Good Nutrition and Tips to Eating Healthy with Uri Feast

Today I'd like to start a series of postings on the topic of JUICE FASTING and JUICE FEASTING.

I believe that and are and with the . However, before we talk about juice fasting, I would like to first lay a solid foundation for the whole concept of FASTING.


Fasting is the most ancient therapeutic method known to man. Since the begining of time, man has instinctively stopped eating when feeling ill and has fasted from food until his health was restored. Even animals go on a fast when they are not feeling well in order to cure themselves of illness and restore their health.

Throughout the long medical history of man, fasting has been considered one of the most dependable curative and rejuvenative treatments for man's illnesses. The father of medicine, Hippocrates, prescribed it and practiced it, along with other great physicians such as Galen, Paracelsus, and many others. Fasting was called, "the greatest remedy; the physician within," by Paracelsus. Many of the great philosophers of history such as Plato and Socrates practiced fasting as a way to attain mental and physical efficiency. Most of the Eastern philosophers and spiritual leaders have practiced fasting regularly, along with meditation, in order to attain long life, mental efficiency, and spiritual awareness.

Over the past 60 years, medical science has rediscovered the value of fasting. Many scientific studies and clinical test have been done, particularly in Europe, to determine the prophylactic, therapeutic, and rejuvenating properties of fasting. I encourage you to do your own research on these studies. Are Waerland is an example of a great Swedish health pioneer who advocated and practiced fasting. In fact, fasting is a standard initial cleansing method in the world-famous Wearland Healing System. In Germany there are literally hundreds of clinics operated by medical doctors where fasting is now employed on a large scale. For example, at the Buchinger Sanatorium in Bad Pyrmont, fasting is used initially in almost every condition of ill health. Over 80,000 therapeutic fasts were supervised by Dr. Otto H.F. Buchinger and his father, both medical doctors, during their 50 years of practice. According to Dr. Werner Zabel, another great fasting specialist in Germany, "Together with fever and optimal nutrition, fasting is man's oldest and best healing method."


The therapeutic effect of fasting has been well documented by clinical experience both in Europe and the United States. According to Dr. Adolph Mayer, "Fasting is the most efficient means of correcting any illness." In the words of Dr. Otto H.F. Buchinger, Jr., M.D., fasting is indeed a "Royal road to healing."

Throughout history and today, fasting has been used not only for the therapeutic purpose of healing illness, but also for its obvious revitalizing and rejuvenating effect. People across the globe fast regularly not to cure any particular illness, but because they consider fasting to be an effective way to cleanse the body from accumulated wastes and toxins, to increase physical stamina and the resistance against illnesses, and to revitalize and rejuvenate the functions of all their vital organs. In Sweden, fasting has almost become a new national sport.

Contrary to what most people may think, fasting doesn't cause people to feel depleted and weakened. In fact, the opposite is true. After fasting, you will actually feel stronger and revitalized, your health will be significantly improved, and your physical and mental working capacity will be greatly increased. You will not only feel a new sense of energy and vitality, but you will also have a tendancy to look younger. This is not only because of pounds you will lose, but mostly because fasting has such a dramatic rejuvenating effect on the functions of all your vital organs, including the functions of your endocrine glands, which are responsible for how young or old you look and feel.

Okay, I'd better stop here for now.

In my next posting, I will continue on this topic of fasting and juice fasting, and I will explain in greater detail WHY FASTING IS THE NUMBER ONE HEALER AND REJUVENATOR.

As a final note, I'd like to share the fact that I practice fasting once a week for health reasons, as well as for spiritual reasons. It's a great habit to develop and one that you may consider establishing as you start the upcoming new year. And always remember, fasting and juice fasting are and with the .

To your health,

Josiah Friberg
Health and Nutrition Educator

Juice Feasting & Juice Fasting - Keys to Good Nutrition and to Eating Healthy with Uri Feast

I would like to introduce you to




One of my favorite nutrition specialists and writers was a man named Paavo Airola.

He traveled all over the world searching for the and to . One of those keys was what he called "JUICE FASTING."

The whole idea of is for a person to go on a juice fast instead of a water fast. By drinking freshly made live whole food juice made from organic fruits, berries, greens, and vegetables, a person is able to get an incredible amount of nutrition while at the same time fasting from all other foods. In this way, the person's digestive tract, colon, and other significant organs and systems get to rest for an extended amount of time, and they have the chance to purge themselves of all toxins and heal themselves of all related physical problems.

Juice fasting is being practiced all over the world in various health and wellness clinics with amazing results. I am not permitted to share with you all of the amazing health benefits and testimonies of people who have been freed from all kinds of physical health problems just from simply going on an extended juice fast. However, if you do your own research, you will be able to find a lot of evidence and testimony of the dramatic results people all over the world have experienced from juice fasting.

The second concept that I would like for you to ponder is "JUICE FEASTING".

This is very similar to juice fasting, except that you're not on a fast at all. Instead, you're just concentrating on drinking a lot of your foods rather than eating them. In other words, drinking a lot of your fruits and berries and greens and vegetables instead of eating them is the idea behind . What easier and better way is there than this to be sure that you and your kids are getting your 5-9 fruits and vegetables every day?! Think of it as "feasting" on juice. The good thing about this practice is that you get a lot more raw fruits and vegetables into your system, along with all of the vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, phytonutrients, etc. in their most absorbable and nutrient dense form. Of course, you do still need to eat some raw fruits and vegetables, some seeds, nuts, and sprouted grains, and some organic meat, in order to get the necessary fiber and carbohydrates and proteins that your body needs.


I will write more on these two topics in the near future, but I thought I'd first give you a little teaser and get you to start pondering these novel ideas.

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Josiah Friberg
Health and Nutrition Educator