Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Change Your Salt, Change Your Life - Keys to Good Nutrition and Tips to Eating Healthy

"What is the single most important thing that the average person can do to improve their health? Add Miracle Krystal Salt to your diet and eliminate chemically cleaned refined table salt (sodium chloride)." - Christian Opitz

Today I'd like to share with you a product I discovered about a year ago that I just love and that is very healthy for me and my family. It's called "." Since I discovered this product, I have stopped using all processed table , and now I only use Miracle Krystal Salt in my kitchen. It tastes great and is extremely healthy. This is just one more of the and tips to .

What Is Miracle Krystal Salt?

Miracle Krystal Salt is an ancient pure salt that has been compressed naturally over time by great mountainous mass to form a crystal matrix. All the minerals in the salt are attached in a structure that makes the minerals easily accessible by our cells. Our bones and enzymes are actually crystalline structures, so if you put something in your body that matches the body's structure, it can easily be utilized and taken in by the cell. In Krystal Salt, all elements are incorporated into a crystalline structure. This results in a much higher life force field, since crystalization is nature's way of storing life force.

Krystal Salt is the Ultimate Mineral Supplement

Of the 84 mineral elements found in the human body, 72 are believed to be essential ingredients of a healthy diet. Krystal Salt contains these 72 mineral elements in the perfect crystal matrix and ultimate ionic form (electrically charged).

Krystal Salt is the Ultimate Antioxidant

Krystal Salt is the only antioxidant that works everywhere in the body because it contains all 72 mineral elements that the human body consists of in ideal proportions. Due to the immense amount of spare electrons that all of these elements carry in Krystal Salt, they have great antioxidant properties. Once Krystal Salt is introduced into the body, a profound regeneration of the cell membranes becomes possible. Other antioxidants are also enhanced in their effectiveness when Krystal Salt is taken.

The Biggest Misunderstanding in the History of Dietary Nutritional Science

Forget everything you have ever been told about salt. Today there is a great misunderstanding about the value and benefits of salt in our diet. How did this happen?

Home called salt a "divine substance." Plato described it as "especially dear to the gods." The Celtic word for salt is "holy" or "sacred." From the beginning of recorded history, salt was exalted and synonymous with virtue. Jesus refers to his own as, "The salt of the earth, and the light of the world." Salt was so precious that spilling it was considered a bad omen. This may make you wonder how this vital sacred food has become so undesirable and generally considered bad for you today.

Depending on where the salt came from and how it was produced, it would vary in color, taste, and cleanliness. It started with the industrial revolution, when certain industrialists learned how to chemically clean and purge salt at very high temperatures, thus removing the important minerals that were considered impurities, yielding a pure white sodium chloride. You can learn more about the salt refining process by going to People loved the new white table salt. It was sparkly clean and white, and with the addition of a few other chemicals (aluminum hydroxide) to prevent caking, it would pour easily. This "pure" sodium chloride no longer has the mineralizing and balancing effects of natural salt and medical literature abounds with evidence of the harmful effects that result from over consumption of this refined salt. The foundation of life became what many now consider to be the foundation of illness and death. Help us remove this scourge from our lives.


You can help correct this misunderstanding and this scourge once and for all by doing two things. First, eliminate all refined table salt (sodium chloride) out of your diet. Second, embrace the ionic mineralization of up to 84 minerals in the crystal power matrix of Miracle Krystal Salt. Simply change your salt, and you will change your life. It's easy and affordable, so act now. Do it for yourself and do it for your family.

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To your health, the Naked Nutrition Knight