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8 Tips to Eating Healthy & Keys to Good Nutrition - Uri Feast Yuri

"To lengthen thy life, lessen thy meals." - Benjamin Franklin

Knowing WHAT to eat is critical to . However, it's also important to learn HOW to eat properly because the way you eat affects your health. I would like to give you eight on proper eating habits. Print these out, put them on your fridge, and make them part of your daily eating habits at home, at work, and when you're out.

Key #1 - Eat only when you are truly hungry. If you aren't hungry at mealtime, skip the meal. Too often people end up eating when they aren't even hungry purely out of habit instead of need, which becomes a very unhealthy habit. It's time to break this habit starting today.

Key #2 - Eat slowly and chew your food well. The enzymes in your saliva begin the digestion process, so chew your food thoroughly and never eat in a hurry. Far too many people suffer from poor digestion because they don't practice this common sense principle.

"Chew your solid foods until they are liquid; no stomach has teeth." - Paul C. Bragg

Key #3 - Relax when you eat and make it a truly enjoyable culinary experience. This is something we can learn from some of the more laid back southern Europeans (think Italians, Greeks, Spaniards) who truly take the time to relax and enjoy social time around their meals. Also, never eat when you are upset because your emotional turmoil will lead to digestive turmoil as well. It's simply better to avoid food when you're emotionally upset.

Key #4 - Practice conscious under-eating. The less you eat, the better you will feel because your digestive system will not be overloaded. This is the most important #1 health and longevity principle that you can live by. Remember, over-eating is one of the main causes of premature aging and degenerative illnesses, so learn to eat less and take smaller portions. In fact, exert the discipline it takes to not go back for seconds when the urge arises.

Key #5 - Eat fruit by itself. Don't mix fruit with your meal; it is best eaten alone for digestion purposes. Many older people say that they can't eat fruit because it gives them gas. However, the real problem is not the fruit, but rather that they are eating fruit along with other foods which causes it to putrefy in their systems. The secret to eating fruit is simply to eat it by itself on an empty stomach.

Key #6 - Eat your whole meal within a one-hour period. Do not go past 60 minutes because your body will kick in another boost of insulin. This one key will help you improve your health and it is a key factor in controling your insulin and your weight gain.

Key #7 - Learn not to drink fluids while eating your meal. Liquids will only dilute the digestive enzymes and slow down the whole digestion process. There is a time to drink lots of liquids, and that time is between meals, not during meals. Drinking during meals is a very silly practice that most of us are guilty of, and yet we do it out of habit. What's the first thing the waitress says when you sit down? "What can I get you to drink?" Remember, you're there to eat, not to drink. By the way, it also adds considerably to the final bill and the tip.

Key #8 - Give thanks to God for the food He provides you. Be grateful for the abundance of His provision. Thank Him for giving you food to eat, for your health, and for life itself.

Bonus Suggestions - Eat several smaller meals in preference to two larger meals. Also, try not to mix too many foods at any one meal. Keeping it simple will enhance your digestion and assimilation. And finally, don't mix raw vegetables and raw fruits at the same meal because the digestive enzymes are incompatible, and this will result in gas and poor digestion.

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