Friday, February 22, 2008

Shocking Beef Recall - Keys to Good Nutrition & Tips to Eating Healthy Feast on Organic Whole Food

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read what's happening with
our school children, beef products, and the USDA.

It is truly shocking what has happened...

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at the website for Natural News by Mike Adams.

USDA Recalls 143 Million Pounds of Beef Products Already Consumed by Schoolchildren; Slaughterhouse Atrocities Shock World

My commentary:

With all that's going on in the beef industry, poultry industry, and with other meat products, consumers must be on their guard, get educated about what's really happening to our meat and food supply, and start making better choices.

I personally recommend that you buy only organic grass-fed free-range beef that comes from animals that have NOT been fed GMO grain, have NOT been fed or injected with hormones, have NOT been given antibiotics, and that have been treated humanely.

How do you find this kind of meat? You have to take responsibility for your own health and your family's health, and you have to go out and do some research wherever you live until you find meat products that are actually safe and good for your health. Stop buying your meats at the grocery store. Stop buying the cheapest meats that you can find. Be willing to spend more money on meat that is safe and good for you, and stop wasting your money on processed beef that is unsafe, unhealthy, and actually dangerous to your health. Go to your local health food store and start asking questions about where you can find the healthiest meat. Look on the internet. Talk to people who know about and value organic food. And finally, beware of all of these health destroying processed meat products that are served in all of the fast food restaurants, in almost all restaurants, and that are being served to your kids at school.

Finally, if you live in the country like I do, you might even consider raising a few cows or bulls of your own for meat. I'm planning on doing this quite soon because I will know exactly what grass and hay that I've fed my animals. If this is too much for you to do, find a neighbor or someone locally who does this and get your meat from them.

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