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Learning Nutrition from the Healthiest Cultures in the World

I was just studying the statistics on my nutrition and health blog and I discovered that this article from 2007 was the most popular blog post of all. Therefore, I've decided to republish it so that others can benefit from it.

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Now, here is the original article I wrote on learning nutrition from the healthiest cultures in the world.

I've got a health and nutrition project for you that I'm sure you'll enjoy and learn a lot from.

Take the time to do a bit of research on the internet on some of the healthiest cultures of the world. By doing so, you will learn more of the to and to , and you'll understand why drinking , a whole food based drink powder nutritional supplement, is so important.

Here are a few leads for you...

1. The HUNZA people of the Himalayan Mountains:

The people's health, nutrition, longevity, and endurance are legendary. They live up to 90 and 100 years of age and are strong and active even in old age. One thing you'll notice about them is that they eat a high natural carbohydrate, . Their food staples are barley, buckwheat, wheat, assorted vegetables, various kinds of fruits, mostly apricots, apples, and grapes. The most amazing thing is that they have none of modern man's dreaded illnesses.

2. The BULGARIANS of Eastern Europe:

There are actually more centenarians in Bulgaria than in any other country in the world. Don't you think it would be worth it to check out the reasons for their exceptionally great health and longevity? Their diet consists of largely black bread (most whole rye and barley), vegetables, and soured milk in the form of yogurt and kefir. In addition, eat very little meat. In fact, most of the in Bulgaria are .


Russian has seven times more centenarians per million than America has. They are known for their good health, longevity, and endurance. They are a low protein people. Surprisingly, a great number of Russia's centenarians are total vegetarians.


Japanese people have traditionally had a very healthy diet. Some of the keys to their longevity include eating lots of fresh vegetables, fish, fermented foods like miso soup and natto, and plenty of grains and rice. Unfortunately, white rice is now the norm in Japan, but it wasn't always so. Nevertheless, the Japanese live longer than most people in Western countries.

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