Friday, December 7, 2007

More on Super Juices - Keys to Good Nutrition & Tips to Eating Healthy with Uri's Feast & Beyond Berries

Today I'd like to follow up my previous posting about with some additional information. I'm going to be comparing 's Beyond Berries supreme fruit and berry blend with some of its competitors on the market today.


1. INGREDIENT QUALITY - Liquid berry products typically contain ingredients from a "juice concentrate" or "puree concentrate." Both are created through the use of head and/or vacuum. This denatures and compromises the nutritional integrity of the fruit or berry. In addition, these products may contain as little as 10% of the actual ingredient that the product is being marketed for.

2. EXPENSE - Liquid products are more expensive, particularly when you compare the nutrient content and serving size to Uri's Beyond Berries and the Feast products.

For example, one jar of Beyond Berries powder makes 180 ounces of reconstituted liquid juice, which equals 4-5 jars of any of our competitor's liquid products. The recommended daily serving for Beyond Berries powder is 10 grams mixed in 6 ounces of water. At this serving size, a jar of Beyond Berries powder lasts 30 days and is truly a month's supply.

Most liquid juice products suggest only 1 ounce of their product per day to create a 30-day supply. Did you catch that? Their serving size is ONLY ONE OUNCE!

According to information on the internet, here's how the other super juice products compare.

Monavie, MangoXan, Thai-Go, & Xango only have 24-25 ounces per bottle, all with a suggested serving size of only 1 ounce, providing 24-25 one-ounce servings per bottle.

Berry Young, Himalayan Goji, and Tahitian Noni only have 32-33 ounces per bottle, all with a suggested serving size of only 1 ounce, providing 33 one-ounce servings per bottle.

Now, compare the above numbers with Beyond Berries, which provides 180 ounces of super juice per bottle (300 grams of powder), with a suggested serving size of 6 ounces, providing 30 six-ounce servings per bottle.

In other words,

Beyond Berries supplies SIX to SEVEN TIMES as much juice as its competitors per serving size and per bottle!

Beyond Berries is not only nutritionally superior and more cost effective ounce per ounce, but it supplies an adequate amount of each ingredient and recommends an appropriate suggested serving size to allow you to experience supreme health benefits.

3. PASTEURIZATION - Did you know that 98% of the liquid nutritional juice products on the market today are pasteurized? The pasteurization process uses high heat to kill bacteria and harmful microorganisms that create food-borne illness. While pasteurization appears to be a good thing, in reality it is not. The pasteurization heating process not only kills the bad bacteria, but it substantially alters or deactivates the majority of good, naturally occurring live nutrients that we consume the fruit or berry for in the first place!

Don't be fooled by terms such as "flash pasteurization." Pasteurization is just that - a process that always requires heat at a temperature higher than what the majority of live nutrients and enzymes can withstand. Many companies try to smooth over the pasteurization process by saying that their product has been "fermented," but in the end, after the fermentation process, pasteurization still must occur.

4. PRESERVATIVES - Many liquid super juice products contain preservatives such as sodium benzoate and/or potassium sorbate. Without such preservatives, these liquid juices could grow bacteria, naturaly decompose, and become rancid. While it is true that preservatives help prolong the shelf life of a liquid product, they are also known to cause a myriad of "mysterious" health problems. The FDA considers these preservatives "safe" in small amounts, yet anything more than a "small amount" is considered "unsafe and unhealthy." Because the majority of the processed foods we eat contain these same preservatives, it is not "safe" to say that we are getting "small amounts" when you take into consideration the fact that we are consuming these same preservatives on a daily basis throughout our entire lives.

Another commonly used preservative is Ascorbic Acid. Many companies use ascorbic acid in their liquid juice supplement to artificially and inexpensively increase ORAC values and vitamin C label claims, to preserve the product, and to try and compensate for the loss of nutrients due to pasteurization. This is known as "overdosing." You need to know that ascorbic acid is a synthetic, man-made version of vitamin C, and it is a poor substitute for vitamin C from natural whole food sources.

The addition of artificial preservatives and/or synthetic nutrients defeats the purpose of consuming an "all natural health product" in the first place. Our modern diet is already filled with depleted, over-processed foods. URI International believes that a natural food product should be just that - natural. Beyond Berries and the Feast both contain all natural, non-pasteurized berry and fruit powders from the whole food, without any preservatives or synthetic additives.

I hope that the above information will enlighten you and help you make the wisest and healthiest choice when it comes to buying and consuming a super juice product.

Choosing the healthiest and best whole food based super juice is one of the and .

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Josiah Friberg
Health and Nutrition Educator