Friday, November 30, 2007

Avoiding Luncheon Meats - Keys to Good Nutrition and to Eating Healthy with the Feast

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Today I'd like to share an article compiled by a friend of mine, Merry K., and then share a few of my own comments about it at the end.

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Is "Lunch Meat" On Your Menu To Be Included In Eating Healthy Nutritious Food?

Many Americans every day enjoy sandwiches for lunch or dinner. Our sandwiches usually include some sort of processed meat product ranging from bologna to roast beef. But here's the latest on those beloved lunch meats.

Hundreds of cancer researchers took part in a five-year project spanning more than 7,000 clinical studies and designed to document the links between diet and cancer. Their conclusion, published in the World Cancer Research Fund's report, Food, Nutrition, Physical Activity and the Prevention of Cancer: a Global Perspective (2007), has rocked the health world with a declaration that all people should immediately stop buying and eating processed meat products and that all processed meat should be avoided for life!

FOR LIFE? Wow, this is really something to take notice of.

Processed meats, the report explains, are simply too dangerous for human consumption. And why? Because they contain chemical additives that are known to greatly increase the risk of various cancers, including colonrectal cancer, breast cancer, prostate cancer, leukemia, brain tumors, pancreatic cancer and many more.

The report, published at this website also recommends that consumers:
• Avoid all sugary soft drinks for life.
• Exercise at least 30 minutes a day.
• Get lean and fit, without becoming underweight.
• Limit consumption of ALL meats (even fresh meat).
• Breastfeed all infants for their first six months, avoiding infant formula.

The findings of this research group are really nothing new. But it certainly lends credence to what I, and multitudes of others, adhere to in our daily lives and philosophy. The truth is that whole, live foods are what keep YOU whole and live! Without that we are simply toxifying ourselves with slow killers (the chemical additives in our "foods")

What exactly IS the difference between just "meat" and the processed type? Fresh meat usually has only one ingredient: the meat! Fresh meat is refrigerated and has a very short shelf life (just a few days, usually). It's usually packaged in simple wrappers, with no fancy logos or color printing. Processed meat has many ingredients and is usually packaged for long-term shelf life. These products almost always contain sodium nitrite, the cancer-causing chemical additive that meat companies use as a color fixer to turn their meat products a bright red "fresh-looking" color.

Processed meat products include:• Bacon• Sausage• Pepperoni• Beef jerky• Deli slices• Hot dogs• Sandwich meat (including those served at restaurants)• Ham• Meat "gift" products like Christmas sausages• Meat used in canned soups• Meat used in frozen pizza• Meat used in kid's lunch products• Meat used in ravioli, spaghetti or Italian pasta products... and many more meat products.Unless it says "NITRITE FREE" on the front label, you can bet it's made with cancer-causing sodium nitrite! You see, eating healthy nutritious food is more than just limiting your trans fat intake or increasing your daily fiber allowance and filling in the gaps with chemically made vitamin supplements. It is a true shift from darkness to light. So, the next time you want to have a sandwich, try making it VEGGIE. You will enjoy the freshness of it and keep peace of mind knowing that you are not giving yourself known carcinogens to ingest.

{special thanks to and their coverage of this story, whom I've gleaned much knowledge and information from for this post} Merry K.

My commentary:
This article tells it like it really is: the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.

Now, I can hear someone you saying under your breath, "But some of my favorite foods/meats are in that list of meats to avoid. This is just going way too far!"

My friend, if you can't believe this research because it contradicts your tastes and lifestyles, then you are avoiding the truth because it is just too inconvenient for you to live with. You'd rather just eat whatever the hell you want to, and leave the results to God. Right? You're rather live with the lie prefabricated by the food manufacturers and their advertisers than face the hard straight truth of proven research of hundreds of cancer researchers and 7,000 clinical studies.

Well, you do have the right to choose what you believe. However, my friend, you will have to live with the consequences of your beliefs and actions. If you continue to eat this "food" that is not fit for human consumption and is toxic and dangerous to your body's health, then you will have to accept the inevitable life-threatening health problems and illness related to eating this kind of man-made and man-poisoned junk. It's really up to you, but you will bear the responsibility alone for the consequences of the way that you eat. I encourage you; no, I beg you, to reconsider the facts and proven clinical research of thousands of experts, and make the wise decision to give up these C-causing "foods/meats." And remember, drinking the Feast every day and avoiding these kinds of health-destroying luncheon meats are keys to good nutrition and to eating healthy.

Commentary by the Naked Nutrition Knight, author of the Keys to Good Nutrition and Tips to Eating Healthy with the Feast.