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It's Time for Juice Fasting - Keys to Good Nutrition & Tips to Eating Healthy Feast Uri Yuri


"The single most powerful tool I have seen for optimum health and rejuvenation is the JUICE FAST!" - Dr. Otto Burchinger, M.D.

After completing my 12-Part series on Juice Fasting a few weeks ago, I was very motivated and ready to go on an extended juice fast myself. Normally I fast once a week on Mondays to give my system a rest. However, several times a year I like to go on an extended juice fast. Periodic juice fasting is one of the essential and to .

I'd like to share the details of my current juice fast with you to show you what's it's like and what you need to remember to do in order to be successful in your .

My last meal was a healthy dinner on Saturday, January 26th.

Day 1 - Sunday, Jan. 27 - 175 pounds. Drank juices & water. Morning & evening enemas.
Day 2 - Monday, Jan. 28 - 173 pounds. Drank juices & water, with morning & evening enemas.
Day 3 - Tues, Jan 29 - 170 pounds. Drank juices & water, with morning & evening enemas.
Day 4 - Wed, Jan 30 - 168 pounds. Drank juices & water. Morning & evening enemas.

Here are the things that I have been doing every day that you'll want to do when you juice fast:

1. Drink only fresh homemade juices, water, homemade vegetable broth, and any combination of the live whole food based InstaFresh super juice powdered drink mixes by Uri such as , Beyond Berries, Barley Pure, Sweet Careet, etc.

I have actually been drinking a smoothie every morning made from the following ingredients: 2 scoops of The Feast & 1 scoop of Barley Pure by Uri, half a raw lemon, cayenne pepper, 2 teaspoons of Bragg's Apple Cider Vinegar, Himalayan salt water, 2 tablespoons freshly ground flaxseed, 1 scoop of Multi Clean Colon Support by Uri, 1 scoop of psyllium husk seeds, 1 tablespoon of raw honey. In the afternoon and in the evening, I've been drinking a serving of the live whole food based InstaFresh super juice powdered drink, the Feast, by Uri.

2. Add some kind of colon cleaning support to your drinks once a day. In my case, I used "Multi Clean Colon Support" by .

3. Do a morning and evening enema with lukewarm water. You can find directions on how to do this on my blog. This is a critical step to make sure you do because it helps to get the old feces and toxic material out of your colon while you're on your fast. You'll need a simple $15 kit to do this yourself.

4. Do a morning and evening dry brush massage. This is simply a rough brush that you brush all over your body to rub off dead skin and to help remove the toxins that are being expelled through your skin. A is quite an invigorating experience and very healthy for you.

5. Do some kind of moderate daily exercise such as walking for 30-60 minutes. I strongly encourage you to go for a long walk in the morning and again in the late afternoon or early evening.

6. Stay away from the kitchen unless you're preparing your smoothie or juice or vegetable broth. You don't want to hang around food or people eating food which may prove to be a temptation.

7. Get plenty of rest every night and try to go to bed early.

8. Keep doing your normal work routine, and you'll be surprised that you'll have a lot of energy as your fast progresses.

SO FAR...this has been a very easy fast for me to do. I haven't had any problems so far. I've felt plenty of energy and take walks whenever I can. I have had good sleep as well. My body feels like it is getting thinner, healthier, and more energetic. I'm working full 8-10 hour days with no problems whatsoever. My thinking is clearer than ever, and my spirit is spiritually in tune with God and hearing His voice. I'm not sure how long I will continue this juice fast, but for now, I feel like I could go on indefinitely...

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