Monday, October 15, 2007

Why Live Whole Foods Are a Key to Eating Healthy and to Good Nutrition

"We aspire to positively empower and improve the quality of every individual's health and life we come in contact with by educating and sharing the value of live, whole food nutrition with the world. By embracing nature, we help others embrace health and vitality." - David Uri LeBaron


I would like to introduce you to a whole food nutritional company that I discovered about six months ago that has an amazing array of fresh, live whole food supplements that my family and I take every day - URI International. Their whole food products, such as "The Feast," are simply amazing and are the single most nutritional experience of our lives! I share them with you because I know that they will provide your body with the complete nutrition that it needs to function efficiently with optimal health.

Fresh, live whole foods are the number one source of nutrition for our bodies because they offer nutrients that are in their optimal, natural state that the body can immediately recognize and utilize. Most people are not experiencing the extraordinary benefits of fresh, in their daily diet, however, because it is almost impossible these days to consume an adequate quantity and quality of these whole foods. With their Live Whole Food Nutritional Product line, URI International has made it easy and more cost effective for people to consume these whole foods.

At URI International, they understand that God has provided through nature the perfect, natural and optimally balanced form of nutrition needed for optimal health in whole foods. There are literally thousands of naturally occurring nutritional compounds, minerals, vitamins, antioxidants, amino acids, live enzymes, and phytonutrients in their natural, synergistic state that can only be obtained from these foods. These nutrients cannot be isolated and placed into a synthetic vitamin or mineral supplement.

Through their proprietary drying process, URI International provides a variety of live whole food nutritional supplements. The URI International Live Whole Food Nutritional Line provides the most balanced, nutrient dense, health boosting, natural form of nutrition available through products that feed every cell and every tissue in the body with natural, earth grown nutrients that are far superior to synthetic, isolated, fragmented nutritional supplements. Their whole food nutritional products are provided to the consumer complete, just as nature intended, with the maximum quantity of original, natural nutrients, in the proper proportions. Most importantly, the valuable nutrients contained in the fresh ingredients are still alive and are very bioavailable. By providing each ingredient in its most natural and bioavailable form, all of the natural plant enzymes and phospholipids necessary for enhanced nutrient absorption and effectiveness are present.

URI International pledges to continue developing, researching, marketing, and manufacturing the most advanced, live whole food nutritional products on the market.


Get "BACK TO BASICS" with naturally powerful, naturally pure, naturally complete LIVE WHOLE FOOD NUTRITION...only from URI International. I strongly encourage you to use this to and to that provides in their to open the door to .

If you would like to see all the live, whole food supplements available in the URI International product catalog, please click on the link below.

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If you would like to hear Uri LeBaron, the founder of URI International, describe his flagship product, "The Feast," please call the following phone number and listen to this powerful 3-minute audio presentation. 1-732-463-6339