Wednesday, September 5, 2007

The FUTURE OF FOOD - Watch this Shocking Video, a Key to Eating Healthy & Good Nutrition

There is a happening in the farm fields and on the dinner tables of America -- a revolution that is transforming the very nature ... of the food we eat.

If you are concerned about feeding your family , and if you are looking for another , then WATCH THIS VIDEO. It will open your eyes to what is really happening to our and why it is all the more important for you to be very careful what you eat and what you are feeding your family.

offers an in-depth investigation into the disturbing truth behind the unlabeled, patented, that have quietly filled U.S. grocery stores for the past decade.

From the prairies of Saskatchewan, Canada to the fields of Oaxaca, Mexico, this film gives a voice to farmers whose lives and livelihoods have been negatively impacted by this new technology. The health implications, government policies and push towards globalization are all part of the reason why many people are alarmed by the introduction of genetically altered , aka (genetically modified organisms) into our food supply.

Shot on location in the U.S., Canada and Mexico, THE FUTURE OF FOOD examines the complex web of market and political forces that are changing what we eat as huge multinational corporations seek to control the world's food system. The film also explores alternatives to large-scale industrial agriculture, placing as real solutions to the farm crisis today.

Daily Quote: "Dear friend, I am praying that all is well with you and that your body is as healthy as I know your soul is." - 3 John 2

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