Monday, October 8, 2007

Eating Natural Food Is God's Way to Health - Keys to Good Nutrition and Tips to Eating Healthy

"The more natural food you eat, the more you'll enjoy radiant health and longevity and be able to promote the higher life of love and brotherhood." - Patricia Bragg "There is but one way to live and that is mother nature's way and God's healthy way!" - Paul Bragg

Today is the 50th day of posting on my nutrition blog! I'm so thankful to have made it this far, and now I know that I can go much farther because the topic that I'm writing on is truly a passion of mine that stirs my soul and causes me to want to share with everyone the importance of and . To me, these are two of the most important to living a long and healthy life.

Take a moment and reread the quotes above because they contain gemstones of .

WIDSOM KEY # 1 - Eat as much natural food as possible.

By "natural," I mean live raw whole food that is in its natural state, unheated, uncooked, unfiltered, unprocessed, unhomogenized, unpasteurized, unradiated, unpackaged. If you were to do only this one thing, it would completely turn your health around and you would experience a much more vibrant life without a host of physical problems bothering you every day.

WISDOM KEY # 2 - Live mother nature's way and God's healthy way.

God is the one who created the earth and everything on it, including our bodies. He designed our bodies to function efficiently and for us to live with optimum health and vitality. The plants that He created for us to eat were designed to provide all of the nutrition that our bodies would ever need. The most powerful life-giving foods on the earth are vegetables, fruits, grains, legumes, seeds, nuts, and sprouts. Learn to live mother nature's way by eating these health-promoting foods. Learn to live God's healthy way by eating the best foods that He created for our bodies to live on. Of course, this means that we should also avoid eating "man-made" food products because they are not according to mother nature's way or God's healthy way.

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