Monday, December 17, 2007

SuperJuice Market Explosion - Keys to Good Nutrition and Tips to Eating Healthy with Uri's Feast

with a company that is on the cutting edge
of nutritional science and with a product that
has superior quantity, quality, variety, and diversity.

When you compare The FEAST and BEYOND BERRIES with all other super juices and super foods on the market today, you'll see why Uri International flagship products WIN HANDS DOWN! There's simply no comparison.

I'd like to share an article with you from NewsTarget about the exploding market for exotic fruits and superfoods such as acai berries, wolfberry-goji, noni fruit, mangosteen, pomegranate, etc. As you'll see in this short article, these super juice ingredients are becoming very popular and the demand for them is skyrocketing.

What better time to get involved with a nutritional super juice provider like Uri International! Our flagship products are loaded with superfoods and super juices and include such powerful anti-oxidant rich ingredients as noni fruit, mangosteen, wolfberry-goji, acai berry, black currant, pomegranate, cranberry, blueberry, black currant, bilberry, rasperry, etc. At the end of this posting, click on the link for more information on The Feast and Beyond Berries. Drinking and/or is one of the and .

Click here for the link to the ARTICLE: Markets for superfoods, exotic fruits to double by 2011

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Josiah Friberg
Uri International Marketing Director

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