Tuesday, March 11, 2008

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Here is a note from Brett Rademacher about the just released "MAGALOG" and how powerful a marketing tool this will be.

To get a sneak preview of the Real Nutrition News Magalog,


"This is the culmination of a year of very hard work by a lot of people. It is the foundation of all our future marketing efforts. It is a demonstration on Uri Lebaron’s commitment to creating powerful marketing tools that... do NOT make unsubstantiated health claims like so many other nutritional companies do, therefore jeopardizing the long term success of their company and opportunity.

I would like to present to you:
The Uri International Magalog – The first edition of the Real Nutrition News

In my opinion, I believe this is one of the most phenomenal marketing pieces that has ever been created for a network marketing nutritional product. This is a MUCH smaller version of the actual size of what the printed version of Real Nutrition News will be, but it will give you a basic idea of what it will look like. However, it is NOTHING compared to holding the ACTUAL size printed version in your hands. The actual printed Magalog is a HUGE (10 x 12) full 4 color, 24 page attention grabbing direct marketing masterpiece.This online flash based page viewer of the Magalog does NO justice to the actual printed Magalog piece.

The copy was written by one of the top nutritional copywriters in the country. The design was done by one of the top direct response graphic copywriters in the country.

You will notice on page 23 there is a special offer for first time customers.

Special Magalog Offer Includes:
* 1 300G can of The Feast
* 1 RED Shaker Cup FREE
* 2 Beyond Berries Samples FREE
* 2 The Feast Supercharged Samples FREE

Only $43.95, which is the normal price of just the FEAST canister alone. New customers will save $12. And remember, this offer is for "1st time Customer purchases ONLY."

Prospective retail customers have 3 options for
ordering this special offer.

1) Contact the distributor who gave them the Magalog
and they can take their order and forward it to the

2) Call the company 800 order number and give the
customer service rep the special offer code.
Is that awesome or what?

3) And the third option is they can go online and
order at special offer order site (to be set up shortly)

Here are some of the topics covered in this Real Nutrition News Magalog:
• Real Nutrition News! Get your FREE copy
• The Future of Real Nutrition is Here Now
• The Secret Code of Real Nutrition Now Unlocked
• Special Warning to all health conscious Americans
• The shocking truth about “Healthy Foods” Today
• Why Cooking kills or destroys most nutrients
• The Great Synthetic Vitamin Hoax
• US Food Industry Has a Shameful Secret
• Shocking Decline of Vitamins in Produce Today
• The BEST way to get Vitamins and Minerals
• New Cutting Edge Breakthrough in REAL Nutrition
• Hidden Health Risks of Genetically Modified Foods
• Dangerous Ingredients Secretly Lurking in our Foods
• Uri International – World Leader in Real Nutrition
• Natural Juices and Energy Drinks are NOT what you think
• Breakthrough Technology delivers REAL nutrition
• Special Alert: Why most grocery story vitamins are junk
• 10 dangerous ingredients secretly lurking in our foods
• Most “green” drinks taste like licking a lawner. Not this one!
• New, Cutting Edge Nutritional Delivery System
• The Feast Real Whole Food- Based Nutrition as Nature Intended
• The Ultimate Whole Food Based Nutritional Product
• What gives you more REAL nutrition?
• It is EASY to double your antioxidants. Find out how
• Get REAL, whole food based Nutrition in Just Seconds a Day
• The Best Nutritional Product on the Planet

We have an incredible product, and a huge opportunity.
People desperately need quality whole food nutrition.
And we have it.
We offer nutrient dense, convenient, great tasting,
live whole food based nutrition.

We are on the cutting edge of where nutrition is going.
We are the future NOW.
We are the world leader in real nutrition!"

- Written by Brett Rademacher

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