Monday, April 28, 2008

MSG & Weight Loss Pt 13 - Keys to Good Nutrition & to Eating Healthy Feast on Organic Whole Food

Healthy Weight Loss Pt 13


You've probably heard of "MSG," which stands for

Mono Sodium Glutamate.

MSG is an "EXCITO-TOXIN" that is added to food in order to make it taste better AND in order to make you eat more of that food.

In other words, MSG is added to MAKE YOU FAT
by getting you to CRAVE the food and eat MORE.

The way the food companies increase their profits
is to sell more food, and they've found one of
the best ways to sell more food is
to get you to crave it and eat more by adding MSG.

Do a little research on your own by Googling
"The Dangers of MSG."
You'll be shocked at what you discover.

You'll find that this food additive

This is NOT something you want in your food,
and yet it's literally everywhere.
MSG has found its way into many of the foods
that you buy in the supermarket
and into most of the snack food that you eat.

The food manufacturers are using DECEPTIVE METHODS
TO HIDE the presence of MSG in their foods
so that consumers don't know it's even there.

They use a myriad of other "names" for MSG
including such misleading titles as
"natural flavors," "autolyzed yeast extract," etc.
For the latest list of these deceptive names for MSG,
just do a Google search such as "names for MSG."

Most potato chips and similar snacks
are loaded with MSG.
No wonder it's hard to stop eating them!
Lots of pre-packaged, canned, and frozen food
also have plenty of MSG in them.

Many foods in local and chain restaurants
are also loaded with MSG.

This is no longer simply a "Chinese Restaurant" syndrome,
but it now is a problem with most restaurants.

Once you discover all of the deceptive names for MSG,
you too will be shocked at how many foods contain
this dangerous neuro-toxin.

If you're concerned about losing weight,
you'll want to make sure that you AVOID THIS TOXIN
at all costs and in all of the hidden places in your diet.

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