Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Not Your Grandma's Tomato Part III - Keys to Good Nutrition & Tips to Eating Healthy on Organic Whole Food

I'd like to share an article written
by David Uri LeBaron,
pioneer and innovator of live, whole food-based nutrition.


"After more than 30 years of 'hands-on' organic farming
and continuous nutritional research, let me explain why...

this is NOT your grandmother's tomato!

We ended Part II by describing the unhealthy energy drinks
and all that is put into them that is not good for you.
Then I introduced my best creation called, "The FEAST,"
and today I'd like to share with you the origin of the Feast.

Introducing the Breakthrough Technology That Locks in the REAL NUTRITION Value of Fresh Organic Fruits and Vegetables - Guaranteed!

The origin of the Feast begins back in the late 1970s when my family began a small herb harvesting business in the southwestern desert regions of the United States.

When I was seven years old, I began helping in the family business by harvesting wild herbs...and at that time, my lifelong interest in nutrition was sparked. The business flourished, and soon we were providing wildcrafted herb powders to some of the biggest nutritional companies in America.

In the mid 1980s, we began looking for a superior way to preserve the nutritional integrity of whole foods in order to provide a much higher form of quality nutrients than found in typical nutritional supplements. During this time, we began developing a proprietary process for drying live whole foods and fresh raw juices into powder. We began with cereal grasses and herbs.

We discovered that the best way to preserve the nutritional integrity of these grasses and herbs was to dry them using LOW heat and QUICKLY turn them into powder in seconds at very low temperatures. As our processing technology evolved and continually improved, we then turned to processing organic and naturally grown fruits and vegetables.

I knew that if I could make this drying process work for fresh, organic produce, I would be onto something big. The quality of the nutrient dense products resulting from our proprietary process was far superior to anything produced by other nutritional supplement processing techniques. We realized that our proprietary process could revolutionize how we take, absorb, and benefit from vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and phytonutrients naturally found abundantly in organic produce.

It took years for me to perfect it, but now I'm excited to tell you all about...the PROPRIETARY INSTAFRESH DRYING PROCESS.
In PART IV, I'll share with you the NEW secret behind REAL whole food-based nutrition.
Until then, keep checking back for the next part...


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