Friday, October 12, 2007

Daily Walking Is a Key to Healthy Eating and to Good Nutrition

"Walking is, by far, the best form of exercise." - Dr. Paavo Airola

I strongly encourage you to make walking a daily exercise habit in your life. Walking is simply the best form of known to man. It's also free and can be done almost anywhere. You can use your walking time to also keep mentally fit by reflecting on life, by meditating, and by praying. If at all possible, get out of the city and go for a long walk in the woods or on a mountain trail or on the beach. You need to find a place that has clean air to breathe and beautiful views of nature whenever possible to enhance the experience.

Let me also caution you not to walk or jog in smog or on trafficked streets. If you live in the city, sometimes it's difficult to find places where the air is pure. Look for large parks with lots of green grass and trees where you can walk. on busy streets downtown where there is bumper-to-bumper traffic is unwise and dangerous to your health because there is a ton of lead and carbon monoxide in the air that flows into your lungs and body. If you live in a smoggy city and your only choice is to walk on the smoggy streets, then it's better not to walk at all. Possibly consider getting a treadmill and walking in your house. The best solution is to move to a place where the air is pure and you won't be killing yourself with polluted air.

While you're walking, you can adjust the speed of your walk to your level of energy and comfort. However, if you're able to make it a power walk, it is best to keep up a brisk walk in order to give your body the exercise it needs. If you have the time, stop in the middle of your walk and do some stretching exercises. Stretch, bend, and rotate your body and limbs to increase your flexibility. Also, remember to do deep breathing exercises as you walk. Learn to breathe in deeply from your abdomen instead of from your chest. This will increase the amount of oxygen that your body gets and will feed your body the oxygen it needs to function better.

After you finish your walk, go home and take a shower to wash away the perspiration. If you're really gutsy, take an intermittent cold and hot shower. Try 10 seconds of freezing cold, followed by 30 seconds of hot, and do this repeatedly. Nothing will feel so stimulating to your body as this kind of hot-cold shock treatment.

When you finish your shower, dry yourself with a coarse towel and then give yourself a 7-minute dry brush massage. You will want to use a special natural-bristle brush with a long handle that you can find in a health food store. Brush every part of your body, beginning with your feet and working up towards your heart. Use circular motions and be fairly rough on your skin. As you may know, your skin is your largest eliminative organ of your body. When you use a , you are helping your body eliminate toxins and brushing away dead skin cells, as well as stimulating the blood flow to your entire body.

The to the door of creating a healthy lifestyle is of course whole foods and getting the that your body needs. However, it is extremely important to add exercise to your nutrition, as well as other such as dry brush massaging. Think of your dry brush massage as your own personal Million Dollar Health and Beauty Treatment!

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Jordan O'Hara said...

I have been practicing the alternate shower for several months now and and I have no difficulty with it now. This is something you simply get use to. I use a shampoo and conditioner once a week but no soap on the skin. The alternate shower is started with warm water. After a moment the temperature of the water is gradually raised to the hottest that you can stand (of course, do not exaggerate). Then quickly decrease the water temperature to the coldest you can stand — let it fall on all your body for more than ten second. Next, quickly change the water temperature again, to hottest that you can easily stand, and let it flaw on the body for a few tens of seconds. And again, quickly make the water coldest you can easily stand. Repeat a few times the quick change of the water temperature. The last one is the cold water which should fall on the body, in order to close the skin pores and activate the energy flaw from the inside to the outside (it makes you feel warm). The alternate shower cleans (unstop) the capillary blood veins and the skin. Because of the big and quick changes in water temperature the capillary blood veins alternately expand and shrink quickly. This causes the excess minerals and other substances, covering the internal side of the blood veins, to peel. The same quick water temperature changes make the skin pores expand and shrink alternately. Such movements eject the excess of the sebum with the dirt. Thanks to this there is no need to use soap or other skin washing substances (you do not poison the body and nature). Ending the alternate shower with hot water is practiced in cases, when the person goes to bed (even without drying the skin) directly from the shower, in order to make the body perspire a lot. A person feels cold when exiting from a shower finished with cold water. But very soon the cold causes higher energetic activity in the body. Just a few moments after drying the skin one can feel the energy warming the body. This can be felt especially well if after the shower you do energizing exercising or just some gymnastic. In this case it is even better if you do not dry the skin but start the exercising right after finishing the shower. Instead of a shower one can use two bath tubs. One contains cold and the other hot water. You enter the tubes alternately, submerge once in the cold and once in the hot water, for a few tens of seconds. Finish this in the cold water. The benifits are many!
Jordan O'Hara